Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Marni Ross, ND

Success Stories

Below are some success stories from Dr. Ross which demonstrate what Naturopathic Medicine can accomplish.  For privacy purposes, all patient information has been removed.

Please continue to check back for updated stories.

Chronic Whole Body Pain

A 28-year-old female came to see me with the primary concern of chronic, whole body pains.  Before coming to see me, she had been suffering from these pains for 5 years.  She did numerous blood tests and everything came back normal.  She had been taking painkillers for years, which were no longer effective. 

At the first visit, I recommended that she do further bloodwork (to rule out rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme’s disease and fibromyalgia) and I had her do a food allergy test.  I also recommended fish oils (to reduce any inflammation) and had her do a specific detoxification that focused on inflammation. 
A month later, she reported a slight improvement, only 15%.  We discussed the food allergy results and I had her remove all foods that she was reacting to.  I also had her take one supplement that balanced hormone levels.

She came back 3 months later and was very excited to discuss her health status.  Her body aches basically went away with only slights aches during her period.  She was very happy with the improvement in her health and reduced pain.

igestive Problems and Other Health Issues

A 29-year-old female came to see me with various digestive complaints, chronic urinary tract infections, decreased immune function and constant tiredness.  I decided to do a couple of laboratory tests to figure out what was causing all of these symptoms.  She did a food allergy test and a stool test.  The food allergy test showed that she was sensitive to some different foods, some that she knew of and some that came as quite as a surprise.  The stool test confirmed the presence of pathogenic yeast.  So after we reviewed these results together, the patient went on an anti-yeast diet and took specific supplements to eradicate the yeast.  She came back to see me a month later and reported an 80% improvement in her symptoms.  I will be seeing her again in 2 weeks and I’m confident that we’ll see even more improvements.

Excess Abdominal Fat

A 47-year old female came to see me with the primary concern of excess abdominal fat as a result of Cushing’s Syndrome.  She had tried to lose weight before with no success.  After reviewing her case history, I decided that she was ingesting large amounts of sugar and living a very unhealthy lifestyle.  She was also suffering from headaches, dry skin and low energy.  I decided that the best place to start was with a detoxification that was specific for her condition.  She was given some supplements, which included herbs and nutrients to support the liver, gallbladder and colon in cleansing.  She was put on a strict diet that basically eliminated all toxic foods.  She was allowed to gradually make these dietary changes and she felt this was the best way to comply and
continue with the detox.  After continuing this for a month, she came in for a follow up visit.  We discussed the remarkable changes in her health – significant loss in abdominal fat (apparent to her colleagues), increase in energy levels, skin less dry and much healthier bowel habits.  She is
currently on phase 2 of the detoxification program and she hopes to continue long term with many of the lifestyle changes she has learned about during the detox.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Case

A 27-year-old female came to see me initially with complaints of extreme fatigue, stress, dizziness, lack of concentration and bloating.  She had to take a leave of absence from work as she could barely get out of bed in the morning. She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the age of 19 years old and she was on many doses of antibiotics as a child.  For the first visit, we did a Vitamin B12 injection, fish oils and an adrenal supplement.  After that, she came into see me
every 2 weeks for a B12 injection and I changed her treatment plan according to the symptoms she was experiencing at that time.  I have now been treating her for 3 months and she reports to be at least 80% better.  Her energy has improved dramatically and she is now back at work full time.  


A 27-year-old woman came to see me for symptoms of Hypothyroidism.  She suffered from low energy, weight gain, constipation and dry skin.  Her lab values showed high TSH and low T4 and free T3, which confirmed the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism.  When she initially came to see me her family doctor recommended that she start taking Synthroid, but she decided that she wanted to try a natural approach first.  When she came in for the initial visit, she was already a very
healthy eater and had started some supplements that were recommended to her from the health food store.  She was off to a great start but there was still a lot that needed to be done.  I began by taking her off some of the supplements.  Even though they were helpful, I wanted to focus on the essential nutrients that she needed at that time and I didn’t want her to be taking endless amounts of pills.  I also had her do a liver detox that was tailored for her situation specifically.  
She was a great patient and followed all my recommendations perfectly.  After treating her for 6 months, it was remarkable that her blood tests became normal and all her symptoms cleared.  As an added bonus, 3 months later she came to my office telling me that she was pregnant!  


A woman in her 30’s came to see me for chronic headaches and migraines.  She had been suffering for years and often resorted to anti-inflammatories to relieve the pain.  These
medications helped when she had a headache but they did not correct the underlying problem. After going through her history, I determined that she was deficient in certain vitamins
and minerals.  As well, according to Chinese Medicine, there was a blockage in her energy channels.  I made slight diet changes, added a couple of nutritional supplements to replace
what she was missing through her diet and started doing weekly acupuncture sessions.  She noticed improvements right away and no longer needed her medications.  We started spacing out the acupuncture sessions and she continues to see a significant improvement.


A man in his 50’s came to see me for insomnia.  He had been suffering with this problem for over 30 years and had been on numerous medications.  When he came to see me, he had been on Imovane for a few months and felt that he was becoming dependent on it.  I decided to try weekly
acupuncture sessions along with weekly Vitamin B12 injections and slight dietary modifications.  During this time, I slowly decreased the dose of Imovane.  At the present time, he no longer takes any medications and has seen much improvement in his quality and quantity of sleep.

Fertility Case

A woman in her 30’s came to see me for fertility problems. She had been trying to conceive for 4 years prior to coming to the clinic.  She had previously tried In Vitro Fertilization with no success.  After 2 months of treatment at our clinic, the woman got pregnant.  She recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Initially, I did a thorough health history intake to determine possible reasons why this couple was having difficulties conceiving and then together we came up with a treatment
plan that was suitable for them.  Treatment involved simple diet changes, high quality herbal and nutritional supplements and weekly acupuncture sessions.  

Dermatological Cases

A man in his 40’s came to see me for Dermatitis.  After doing a case history, it was determined that he also had digestive problems.  I decided to do a comprehensive digestive stool analysis and found out that the patient lacked good bacteria within his digestive tract and this was causing yeast overgrowth.   Treatment involved a digestive cleanse and dietary modifications.  The dermatitis and digestive problems both immediately cleared and the patient is continuing to do

A female in her 20’s came to see me for Cystic Acne.  She had been suffering with cystic acne for years and she had tried numerous topical and oral medications.  I decided to have her tested for food sensitivities and heavy metals.  It was determined that she had mercury toxicity and numerous food sensitivities.  I put her on a heavy metal detoxification program, cut out all foods that she was sensitive to and made some nutritional supplement recommendations.  One year
later, the patient continues to be very happy with the improvements on her skin.

Candida Causing Yeast Infections and Constipation

A female in her 30’s came to see me for Chronic Yeast Infections and Constipation.  Initially, I tried some anti-yeast supplements which seemed to help only temporarily.  It was then determined that she had an imbalance of her female hormones at which point I put her on a herbal formula that is
very effective in balancing the hormones.  The patient no longer suffers from yeast infections and constipation.